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Panther's Room

Panther's Room is the workshop of Dragon Painting Services (DPS).  It is co-owned by James Cheung and his LIVING BEST FRIEND, Herbert Wong, the co-founder and existing owner of DPS.  

To ensure that the guests invited to join the Panther's Room activities have more information on how to get there.

The official address for "Panther's Room":
Jumbo Art Co.
Unit 20J, Tower 1, Kingley Industrial Bldg
33-35 Yip Kan Street
Wong Chuk Hang
Hong Kong

途經此站之巴士路線:107, 671, 170, N171
72A, 75, 90, 96, 97, 99, 590, 590A, 592, N90
香港小巴: 39M

Traveling information:
(1) Cross Harbour Tunnel Bus 171
荔枝角巴士總站 to 海怡半島

Just one bus stop after: 香港仔運動場 ABERDEEN SPORTS GROUND

(2) Minibus: 39M
天后MTR to 利東 (漁安苑)
黃竹坑業興街落車 (即已坼的舊消防局對面)

(3) 首先搭車/行去港鐵紅磡總站
落下面隧道巴士站轉107, 170, 171
上車巴士站 康莊道海底隧道入口外排巴士站
落車巴士站 黃竹坑業興街 落車, 
經紅綠燈過天橋底到對面馬路,係利達中心橫巷入業勤街, 就見金來工業大廈.行4-5分鐘路程

(4) CityBus Bus stop: 業興街, 黃竹坑道 (黃竹坑道 50 號美心食品第一廠外)
Route No.: 72A(銅鑼灣摩頓台 to 深灣), 75(中環交易廣場 to 深灣), 90(中環交易廣場 to 鴨脷洲邨 ), 96(銅鑼灣摩頓台 to 利東邨), 97(中環交易廣場 to 利東邨), 99(筲箕灣 to 海怡半島), 590(中環交易廣場 to 海怡半島), 590A(金鐘東 to 海怡半島), 592 (銅鑼灣摩頓台 to 海怡半島), N90 (中環港澳碼頭 to 鴨脷洲邨)

(5) MTR: First to Admiralty Station then take the South Island line to Wong Chuk Hang Station. Using Exit B and the pedestrian bridge it will link you directly to Yip Kan Street in 2 minutes. 先到金鐘站再轉乘南港島線致黃竹坑站。利用B出口及連接的行人天橋2分鐘即可到達業勤街。



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