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ADLG Alexander the Great Vs Later Achaemenid Persian


This was the first time we used 28mm figures and the visual effect was stunning.  We tried to decided what base width we are going to use for the furture armies we are going to build.  Utimately we decided to use 60mm base width even though the base width of the armies we used on this day were all 80mm. Both sides were standard 200 points armies.





















Initial set up of the game.  Alexander is on the left side.  It anchored its left flank on a gentle hill.  Persian is on the right side.  It also anchored its right flank on the marsh and position all of its cavalry on the open left flank.  All of the heavy infantry of both side were deployed in the centre.  The OOB of the two armies are as below:


Alexander                                                                 Persian                                                                  

Corp 1 Brilliant                                                         Corp 1 Competent

4 Heavy cavalry impact Elite                                    1 1/2 Heavy swordsmen 1/2 Bowmen Elite

1 Light cavalry bow                                                   2 Scythed chariot

2 Light cavalry javelin                                               1 Heavy cavalry impact Elite

2 Light infantry bow Elite                                          4 Heavy spearmen

                                                                                 4 Bowmen Poor


Corp 2 Competent                                                   Corps 2 Competent

4 Pikemen                                                                4 Heavy cavalry 

1 Pikemen Elite                                                        2 Light cavalry javelin

2 Light infantry bow                                                  2 Light cavalry bow


Corp 3 Competent                                                   Corp 3 Competent

4 Medium swordsmen 2HW                                     5 Javelinmen   

3 Light infantry javelin Elite                                      4 Levy






















Initial advance of the Macedonian was slow due to low pip dice.  Persian withheld all of his foot to wait for the onslaught of the Macedonian.  Both sides decided to use left wing as the main blow.











































Persian advanced his scythed chariots in order to slow down the advance of the pike block. At the same time cavalry of the Macedonian's left wing also suffered from the bow fire of the Persian;s archer. Alexander decided to charge home the Persian's right wing.






















Macedonian strike first.






















Final scene of the battle.  Persian successfully broke Macedonian's right wing and also counterattacked

the Macedonian's left wing.  However, Alexanderian's pike block seem to be unstoppable and all the Persian's Greek mercenary and Apple-Bearer suffered casualty. 















Casualty of both side (Macedonian on the left and Persian on the right).  Persian successfully defeated Macedonian but it was also just 1 point away from the demoralisation value of the army (26 out of 27).


After this trial game we think that:

1) The visual effect of 28mm figures is stunning.  Nevertheless it requires a lot of space to play in this scale.

2) We will adopt 60mm base width instead of 80mm base width as shown above in order to save playng area and to use the figures for other rules system.

2) Heavy cavalry impact Elite (Companion), is a powerful unit.  Only 3 of the 4 Companion charged home and they already brokethrough to the Persian's second line.



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