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ADLG Warring States Chinese Chu Vs Warring States Chinese Qin


This was the first time we tried a bigger game to see whether a larger table will provide more room for maneuverability of the armies. Both sides have 300 points with 4 commands structures.

















Initial set up of the game.  Chu is on the left side and is the defender.  It anchored its both flanks on 2 plantations with ambushed marker placed on its left plantation.  Qin is on the right side and is the invader who choose to invade Chu in Plain Region.  It also anchored its left flank on a gully and position all of its chariots behind the main line as reserve.  All of the heavy infantry of both side were deployed in the centre.  The OOB of the two armies are as below:


Chu                                                                          Qin                                                                  

Corp 1 Brilliant                                                         Corp 1 Competent

4 Medium Swordmen Impetuous                             4 Medium Swordmen Impact Elite

4 Medium Swordmen 2HW                                      1 Heavy Swordmen Impact

3 Crossbowmen pavise Elite                                    4 Crossbowmen

                                                                                 2 Heavy Artillery


Corp 2 Competent                                                   Corps 2 Competent

5 Medium Swordmen 2HW                                      4 Medium Swordmen Impact 

3 Crossbowmen Poor                                               4 Crossbowmen poor


Corp 3 Competent                                                   Corp 3 Competent Included

4 Heavy Cavalry                                                     4 Heavy Cavalry   

                                                                                4 Light Cavalry Bow


Corp 4 Competent Included                                   Corp 4 Competent 

6 Heavy Chariots Impact                                        4 Heavy Chariots Impact    

6 Light infantry Bow                                                4 Light Infantry Bow






















Initial advance of the Qin.  Qin advance his 2 flanks in order to draw Chu out of his position. Hopefully it can draw Chu troop into the fire range of the heavy artilery.  Qin's heavy cavalry was covered by light cavalry and would charge home if the LC can successfully disrupted the opponent.























Chu's response the threat of Qin's cavalry by wheeling his Corp 2 to support his Corp 3.  Ambush of Corp 1 in the plantation also advance to support the general advance of the main body.  Qin's advance was halted and hoped that Chu's troop would soon within the range of the artillery fire.






















The scene before the clash.  Chu's heavy cavlry already suffered from the bow fire of Qin's LC.  On the other hand, Qin's swordmen on the right flank also suffered from the bow fire of Chu's Guard Crossbowmen.  Chu's heavy chariots were ready to strike.






















Chu's strike!  Heavy Chariot impact is a very powerful troop type.  It has furious charge ability and easily destroyed Qin's medium crossbowmen in 1 stroke.  Qin was able to destroyed 2 Chus' chariots by committing the general in counterstrike.  At the same time the tribal swordmen of Chu also destroyed Qin's crossbowmen on the right wing by furious charge. 























Final scene of the battle.  Qin's HC finally defeated Chu's right wing and start to roll over Chu's centre but it was too late.  Qin's infantry were all nearly destroyed by the combine might of the heavy chariots and tribal swordmen. Chu successfully defeated Qin's invasion.


After this game we think that:

1) Even the table is now larger, most of the troop type of these 2 armies are foot unit and thus manoeuvrable is still limited.

2) Heavy infantry is just 1 point higher than medium infantry but it worth the price as it has 4 cohesion points and thus has a better staying power.

3) Heavy cavalry supported by Light cavalry bow is a winning combo.



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