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ADLG Gallic Vs Spartan


This was the second time we tried the ALDG.  Two games were hosted on that day, one of these was Gallic(88) verus Spartan(61).  Both sides were standard 200 points armies.


















Initial set up of the game.  Spartan is on the left side with rough terrain protecting its right flank and also a gentle hill on left flank.  Spartan had its handful of cavalry positioned on the left.  All of the spearmen were deployed on the open ground between the two terrain pieces with a screen of psiloi protecting the main body.  Gallic is on the right.  It had a corp of warbands deployed in the centre with 2 identical cavalry wings on both flanks.  The OOB of the two armies are as below:


Spartan                                                                       Gallic                                                                  

Corp 1 Brilliant included in Unit                                   Corp 1 Brilliant

4 Heavy spearmen Elite                                             4 Heavy swordsmen impetuous

2 Heavy spearmen                                                     4 Medium swordsmen impetuous

4 Light infantry bow                                                    4 Light infantry bow

                                                                                   2 Heavy swordsmen impetuous armour Elite          


Corp 2 Brilliant                                                            Corps 2 and 3 Ordinary Included in unit

7 Heavy spearmen                                                     2 Heavy cavalry Elite

4 Light infantry javelin                                                4 Medium cavalry

2 Javelinmen


Corp 3 Ordinary Included in Unit

2 Heavy cavalry

3 Light cavalry Javelin
























Spartan advanced along his line with Psiloi protecting the main body.  Spartan's cavalry were soon wiped out by the Gallic cavalry due to the opponent's superior in both quality and quantity.  However, Spartan spearmen were able to charge the warbands first due to the protection of the Psiloi.

















Even though Spartan spearmen were able to charge first, they had only +1 factor against the warbands. On the other hand, those warbands were impetuous and thus able to claim Impact on the first round of the CC.  Thus the warbands had +2 factor and also had Furious Charge ability.  In the long run Gallic warbnad were in upper hand.   

















Thus after a few rounds the Gallic warband also wiped out most of the spearmen on the Spartan's front rank and were able to face the Spartan's reserve.  With the help of the cavalry on both flanks, Gallic can claim a major victory.


After this trial game we think that:

1) Due to the small table size the game tends to be a headlong charge of both sides.

2) In such a situation Warband, being swordsmen impetuous, is very powerful.


We plan to have a bigger game with more room for manoeuvre in the future to see whether there is any method to deal with the warband.


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