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Hong Kong Society of Wargamers (HKSW) DBMM Singles Competition 2018

General Rules

  1. Date: 17th November 2018 (Sat) and 18th November 2018 (Sun).

  2. Venue: Room 638-639, 6/F, Kowloon International Trade & Exhibition Centre (Kitec), No.1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon.

  3. Organizer: James Cheung (Chief Organizer)/Kenneth Chan (Co-Organizer) of HKSW, collectively known as the Organizers.

  4. Itinerary:

First Day

11:45 player's meeting

12:00 Start of the first round

16:15 Start of the second round

20:00 Dinner

Second Day

12:00 Start of the third round

16:00 Start of the fourth round

19:45 Prize presentation

  1. Format

    1. Pairing will be made using Swiss System after the first round.

    2. For the first round, players will be divided into 2 groups based on their past results in last three years’ DBMM competitions held in Hong Kong for seeding purpose.  The Organizers’ decision in connection with seeding shall be final and no appeal for whatsoever reason will be entertained.

    3. Players in the first group will then be paired up with those of the second group randomly.  However, players from the same country except those are from Hong Kong will not be paired together in the first round.

  2. Number of Players/Teams

    1. Due to logistical constraint, the total number of contestants (or teams) will be limited to 24.

    2. As there is a lot of interest in the competition, the allotment of available places will be on a strictly “first come first serve basis”.

    3. In order to avoid disappointment the Organizers request prospective candidates to enroll as soon as possible and not later than 21st October 2018.

    4. One of the Organizers will act as the List checker.

    5. Any one of the Organizers will also act as umpire during the games if he does not need to play.

    6. It should be noted that both Organizers might participate in the competition.  If this is the case then his list will be prepared beforehand and will be announced after all other players have submitted their lists and these have been checked and where necessary corrected but before the commencement of the competition.

    7. The Chief Organizer will act as the reserve player and to make up the number, if the number of participants is an odd number.

  3. Competition Style

    1. The competition is a Single Competition that means individual player will compete on a one-to-one basis in each game.

    2. However, we do allow players to team up provided that clause 1.7.1 above is compiled with.

    3. For example, if a player can only participate on a particular day, he can team up with other players so that between them, they can complete the four games required.

    4. It should be noted that substitution of players after the commencement of a game or during the progress of a game is strictly prohibited.

    5. There will be four trophies for the competition, i.e. one for the champion, the first runner up, the second runner up and the best underdog.

    6. In the event that a team attains one of the above positions, only one trophy will be awarded to that team.

    7. Each player or team shall play 4 games.

    8. Each game will last for 3.5 hours plus a random extra time of 1-15 minutes at the discretion of the Organizers.  If the Organizer is a player he will not be awarded extra time.



  1. The army list shall be prepared for a total value of 400AP inclusive of general’s abilities, fortifications and stratagems.  The date of the list shall be between 499BC and 476AD (both dates inclusive).

  2. The latest DBMM army books (2016 revision) shall be used.

  3. Lists submitted must not exceed 400AP and the scale is 15mm.

  4. After enrollment, participants (including teams if applicable) need to submit his/her army list to List Checker on or before 21st October 2018 via email to for checking in order to secure a place for the competition.

  5. No late submission is allowed unless specifically approved by the Organizers.

  6. In the event that the competition is oversubscribed, places will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.

  7. Subscription fee shall be HK$350.00 for each player/team.  This includes the door fee of HKSW members for both days for the event.

  8. Non-members and overseas players are also welcome to join and they shall pay the same fee stipulated in clause 1.7.15 above.

  9. Result for each round and the final result will be posted in the HKSW forum and/or other websites that promote the play of DBMM and wargaming.  Players who joined the competition are deemed to have accepted such arrangement.

  10. All players who participate in the competition are deemed to have knowledge of these competition rules and consented to abide by them in its entirety.

  11. If there is any dispute in connection with these competition rules for whatsoever reason, such dispute shall be referred to the Chief Organizer for a decision, which shall be final and binding.

List Format

Army lists shall be submitted with the following details:

  1. Name and contact details of the player

  2. Army name and list number

  3. Date of the army (a single year not a period)

  4. General, geographical or other selected sub-list if appropriate

  5. Climate and aggression

  6. List and total of elements allocated by command

  7. Cost by element type

  8. Elements, morale equivalents and break point per command

  9. Elements, morale equivalents and break point of the army

  10. Any stratagem selected and its point cost which shall be within the total allotted army points

Competition Rules

  1. The games shall be played using DBMM rules version 2.1 in its entirety with all current official errata and Commentary version 7.0 issued up to and including 31st October 2018.
  2. Weather and time of the day rules shall be in effect unless both players consent to dispense with them.

  3. Table size shall be 1800mm by 1200mm.

  4. Players must supply their own terrain pieces that should attain a reasonable aesthetical standard at the discretion of the Organizers.  In the avoidance of doubt felt cloth as terrain piece is acceptable in this competition.

  5. All figures used shall be painted to an acceptable standard at the discretion of the Organizers.  For the avoidance of doubt, all figures should be painted in at least 3 basic colours and white metal is NOT an acceptable form.

  6. Pairing for all rounds except the first round shall be based on the Swiss system.

  7. First round pairing shall be as detailed in clause 1.5.2 above.

  8. Every game will last for 3 hours and 30 minutes plus s random extra time of 1-15 minutes at the discretion of the Organizers as detailed in clause 1.7.8.

  9. In case of equal points in the final classification, the higher classification position will be awarded to the winner of the direct confrontation if any, or to the player with the higher position at the end of the previous round.

  10. When the game time is over, the Organizer will call ‘end game’.  The game will immediately stop, with the exception that the current combat phase will be finished.  The players will then calculate the score and advise it to the Organizers.

  1. The army list shall be prepared based on the DBMM lists (2016 revision) for a total value of 400AP or less inclusive of general’s abilities, fortifications and stratagems.  The date of the list shall be between 499BC and 476AD (both dates inclusive).

  2. (Optional) In view of some players had complained that too few number of bounds had been play in the past, we would like to invite the players to record the number of pairs of bounds on a shared record (which may be supplied) so that we could plan any necessary amendment on the competition rules has to be made in the future.  The current universal practice is that players are expected to finish 11 pairs of bounds at the normal game end after finish has been called and it should not be seen as a target number of bounds but a minimum expectation.  However this year we will NOT set any minimum numbers of bounds to be played.

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