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Horde in Combat

In the above situation a group of 2 Korean HdO is attacked from the flank by a group of Samurai PkF.  Thus the attacked HdO need to turn to face the attack and thus leave the group.  If this HdO lose the subsequent CC it has to flee since it is not in a group.  However, it can not complete the initial recoil as it cannot push back the HdO on its back which is facing another direction.  Therefore it is destroyed according to page 41 of the rule book - Fleeing Elements- Combat Outcome.  Since the HdO is destroyed and according to the 'Dead Zone" the HdO behind it is also destroyed ( I am not so sure about this even though Herbert said some of the Commentary member said so).  Herbert Wong of the Yellow Dragon Team has faced such a situation in ITC2015.


What is the result if the another HdO is facing the same direction?

1) If they are in the same group then the HdO in CC will stand unless the PkF score double than the HdO;

2) If they are not in a group then when the HdO in CC lose the combat it will flee and push back the second HdO.  The second Hdo will also flee according to the same section of rules listed above.

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