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ADLG Republican Roman Vs Carthaginian

I have bought a copy of L'Art De La Guerre (ADLG) and I decided to test the system with my friends.  The first game is a standard 200 points games using Republician Roman verus Carthaginians.

Initial set up of the game.  Roman is on the left side with rough terrain protecting its flanks. Carthaginians is on the right.  There is an Roman's ambush in the plantation at the far end of the battlefield.

Romans set up his cavalry on his right wings while the most heavier infantry on the centre with Auxilia on the left wing.  Carthaginians had his Numidian light horse deployed on the left wing and then supported by the heavy cavalry.  Hannibal himself commanded the infantry and elephant occupied the centre right battlefield.

Since it is our first time playing with this rules most of the time we were checking rules rather than taking photos.  Carthaginians advanced on all front but the psiloi on its right wings was destroyed by the Roman's auxilia in the ambush area.  The Gallic infantry, ths Spaniard and the elephant were all destroyed and the situation was desperate to the Carthaginians.  Luckily Hanniba's Africian spearmen and the heavy cavalry saved the day and Hannibal was able to claim a narrow victory.


LADG is a well written set of rules.  The movement and combat system is simplier than I thought.  However, the most complex rule in this system is the Charge and Evade rules and we need to familiarize with these rules.  


Nevertheless we will give another test run on this system.

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